Jorge de León como Radamés de Aida, NY Metropolitan Opera 2019

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Jorge de León como Radamés de Aida, NY Metropolitan Opera 2019

Jorge de León regresa a la Metropolitan Opera de Nueva York, donde ha participado como Radamés en Aida, junto a Sondra Radvanovsky y bajo dirección de Plácido Domingo, los pasados días 28 de Febrero, 4 y 7 de Marzo de 2019…

«Jorge de León es un lírico spinto cuya voz sobra para llenar el teatro del Lincoln Center»

«Su canto suena soleado en arias como Celeste Aida, con agudos fulgurantes y un timbre viril»

«su voz embelesa y emociona»



That was especially noticeable in his vocal performance as he began the opera with a powerful sounding “Celeste Aida.”

From the beginning of the aria, De Leon blasted out his strong timbre resounding throughout the hall. It created a powerful impression and only got stronger as he ascended into his higher tessitura, especially on his high B Flats and B naturals. Those notes rang with clarion resonance and showcased the power of this voice.

Throughout the evening, De Leon would continue to pull off one high note after another without any effort and at one point during the “Gloria all’egitto” concertato, his sound easily went over the large ensemble.

But De Leon did have one moment where he changed it up – the final duet “O Terra addio.” After such heroic singing, De Leon finally sang with a quieter quality, matching that of Sondra Radvanovsky and floated the notes with sensitivity and breath control.

Still these moments of tenderness gave De Leon’s voice richer colors and allowed for a heartbreaking finale.»


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